Clock Designs for Contemporary Homes

Home decoration is no mean feat and getting the look right is often a process of trial and error until you find the perfect look for you. There are all sorts of little odds and ends which can really add a lot to the overall look and feel of a home and luxury clocks may not seem like an obvious candidate for elevating the style of a home…

….But you haven’t seen these luxury wall and desk clocks yet!

Steering Wheel Clock

This highly distinctive wall clock is minimalist in nature but certainly high on style. If you’re looking for an eye-catching focal point for a living space in a contemporary home, this wall clock, originally designed by George Nelson, will tick all of the right boxes.

If you’re a fan of cars and want accessories throughout your home that reflects this, then items like this Steering Wheel Clock will admirably achieve this aim. designer furniture tastes are obviously in the eye of the beholder but it is difficult not to be impressed with the stylised design and bold look of this wall clock. A great piece for any modern home.

Turbine Clock

Bold, eye-catching and highly distinctive, this fantastic Turbine wall clock will definitely bring a whole new dimension to the room you install it. Wall clocks are a small thing but they can have a big impact when they are as well thought out and revolutionary as the timepiece above.

The classic design of this clock makes it ideal for contemporary homes that are after a retro feel and you will discover that wall clocks of this nature will look great on feature walls, such as those with exposed brickwork.

The interior design is essentially a jigsaw whereby you need to pull various different looks together and it is often the case where you need to find the missing piece – and home accessories as stylish and mesmerizing as the one above may be just that.

Pill Desk Clock

Luxury clocks are just for your walls, you will also need some free-standing ones as well – particularly if you have a home office. Whilst nobody particularly enjoys working at home, one’s mood can be improved by making the workspace as inviting as possible and desk clocks such as the Pill Clock above will go a long way to achieving this. Originally designed in 1954 and the last in the designer George Nelson’s series of desk clocks, you can showcase your dedication to style by decorating your home with contemporary clocks like this.

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