Blinds or Curtains

Once it was curtains all the way, but it would be fair to say that the typical window opening has changed substantially over the years. Consumers are being met with an abundance of choices and there are a whole host of factors to consider when making the decision to opt for curtains, blinds or maybe even a combination.

Through the course of this article we’re now going to take a look at some of these factors to help you decide which option suits your window opening the most.


Nobody likes to make these decisions based on practicality; in reality we’d all like to just choose the option that suits our home the most. Unfortunately, when it comes to window treatments it’s something that you must take into account.

If we start with curtains, their functionality will all depend on what type you purchase. If they are decorative, there’s a chance that they will be translucent and won’t be suitable for creating a blackout. Of course, it’s possible to acquire curtains that can pull off this effect, but some would suggest that they aren’t as easy on the eye.

Blinds on the other hand are as versatile as it gets. The control systems mean that it’s possible to buy a set that can create a blackout in one instant, but can be twisted to allow more light in the next minute. see more quality blinds here to get an idea on the versatility we’re talking about.

Therefore, when it comes to functionality, it’s all about your requirements. If your room needs to let in varied amounts of light, the blinds are the way forward. If on the other hand you require a blackout, for a child’s bedroom for example, blinds could again work although so could thick curtains.

The Aesthetic Effect

Once upon a time one may have suggested that curtains couldn’t be trumped in terms of aesthetics; with very few things beating those long, draping finishing’s. However, the emergence of different blind styles means that this isn’t necessarily the case anymore. All of the different materials, from bamboo to standard plastic, can each create varying effects and it’s for this reason that both are probably on par.

As you’ve probably gathered, it’s also for this reason why some people desire the best of both worlds and opt for the combination effect. As well as benefiting from the versatility of the light control because of the blinds, the curtains can add that sophistication that some window openings require.

The Bottom Line

We’ll finish this article by touching upon the cost. Unsurprisingly, the combination effort is the most expensive and if you are shopping on a budget it’s probably best to dispel this option.

Next on the list is curtains and while prices are tumbling, they are still a more expensive option than blinds. Admittedly, some of the advanced blinds options can prove to be just as pricey, but on the whole they are seen as the cheaper option which is quite surprising considering their versatility in relation to function and design nowadays.

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