Longer Lasting Mattress

How long do you think a mattress should last-and how long do they actually last? The typical mattress that is well made and taken care of should provide nearly a decade of comfortable, restful sleep and with the high price of mattresses, a few ideas on making them last can go a long way to getting your money’s worth.

It goes without saying that you should always look at finding the best price when you are first buying your mattress. Being able to search online lets you find the best prices available and there are always deals on mattresses for you to take advantage of.

Below are suggestions for basic mattress care and maintenance to get the most out of your bedding purchase.

After the new mattresses are delivered, you will be eager to get your bed put together, no doubt looking forward to many nights of restful sleep but before you do, read any information that came with the set.  Look specifically for warranty information and special instructions on care and handling. Fill out any forms and store all paperwork in a safe location.

Proper Set up for the Mattress

Mattresses should be bought with a matching box spring unless the bed design allows for the use of only a mattress as for a futon or pull-out.  The bed frame for a twin and full size bed should have 3-4 slats in addition to the frame, a queen requires a centre support bar plus slats and a king must have 2 centre support bars with slats for optimum strength. In addition, metal bed frames are preferred over wood.

Never move or carry the mattress by the handles, they are not made to sustain the full weight of the mattress and can be torn away.  Instead get some help and lift the mattress with both hands, being careful not to fold or bend it.

Let the mattress breath.  Might sound silly, but many times the mattress has been sitting in a warehouse or in the backroom of the store and may have acquired an odour from storage or from the manufacturing and packaging process.

Keep the Tag

We’ve all heard that you can be arrested if you remove the tag from your mattress; while this is not true, many people remove them without realizing that the tag needs to stay attached to the mattress for warranty purposes.

Protect the Mattress

A mattress protector is a wise investment that will prevent the mattress from stains, spills, and moisture.  They are available in every mattress size and vary in price according to the materials they are made from; be sure to purchase a mattress protector, not a mattress pad or topper as these do not offer waterproofing and function very differently.

Stains, spills and moisture won’t only spoil the look and feel of your mattress, but can also void your warranty and make you sick. Keep your warranty and hygiene in mind by protecting your sleep set with a mattress protector.

Keep the Mattress Clean

Never sleep on a bare mattress!  Sheets or at the very least, a blanket are a must in order to preserve the look and feel of your new mattress. Any spills or stains can also void the mattress warranty, so clearly eating and drinking in bed is discouraged.

Your mattress can be vacuumed and it is recommended that it be vacuumed no less than twice a month to remove dust particles.

Never use harsh chemical cleaners or dry-cleaning fluids on a mattress!  Spills should be wiped up immediately with a dry cloth and treat questionable spills and stains using a small amount of soapy water, rubbing the stain with a towel and carefully blot afterwards. Allow the mattress to air dry completely before placing sheets back on top.

To remove any odours, lightly sprinkle baking soda on the mattress surface, wait 20 minutes, and then vacuum.

Use the Bed Properly

Jumping on the bed may seem like fun but it is a bad idea and will void the warranty—yes, they will be able to tell.  Jumping on the bed can damage coils of an innerspring mattress and break down the fibres of a foam mattress.  There is also the risk of damaging the bed frame which could compromise the safety of the bed.

Flip and Rotate Regularly

Just as important as rotating tires on a car, mattresses benefit from regular rotation that includes flipping and turning.  Although pillowtop mattresses and boxsprings should not be flipped, they too will wear better when rotated.

Done every three months, the schedule looks like this:

Standard mattress sets

1.Turn mattress  2. Turn boxspring and flip mattress  3. Turn mattress  4. Turn boxspring and flip mattress


  1. Turn mattress 2. Turn mattress and boxspring  3. Turn mattress  4. Turn mattress and boxspring

Now all that’s left to do is to pop on sheets and a comforter.  For tips on how to create a crisply made bed, read  how to make  a bed

By following the manufacturer’s guidelines and these tips, proper care of your new mattress set will help extend its life and provide you with the most comfortable sleep possible.

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